Make It Right by All Night Drug Prowling Wolves
2010 LP

ANDPW are not like wolves. This is no metaphor! No analogies! ANDPW are plainly what they say, ALL NIGHT DRUG PROWLING WOLVES. Four men from the dirty south who make dirty music. Sexy and soiled. And they proudly wear their appetites on their sleeves. Everything from The Clash to Elvis Costello to Jimmy Cliff. From whiskey to speed to your little sister. ALL NIGHT DRUG PROWLING WOLVES are animals, and this is Rock and Roll. -SC

All Night Drug Prowling Wolves are a punk rock band with 1977 style and a 1997 twist. This is the record of the year. Serious. -Sally Hoops

All Night Drug Prowling Wolves made a perfect record with whatever circumstances they were given. It is honest and funny and sad and even pretty. I know I will be listening to this thing for a minute from beginning to end for a good while. -Pablo Reuben Cruz

Tom Cheshire cites Tom Waits, Woody Allen and The Clash as tremendous influences. I don't hear any of that. It sounds like he has been listening to The Hold Steady and Guided By Voices and that is not a bad thing. -Randy

This is a new wave record. It is Depeche Mode and The Cure with The Happy Mondays. -Phillip

"Make it Right" is Tom Cheshire and company trying to make things right. This man wears his heart on his sleeve. He is honest and the band are like chicken and rice. -G.Z.

This record is hardcore. It is emo. It is even goth for a minute. It is a must have. I cried for a minute and laughed once or twice. -Claire Lodge

When I hear this record I hear The Replacements and early U2. I love it. It makes me feel 19 years old. That was my favorite age. -Tom Cheshire

Recorded and Produced by Marlow Sanchez

Mastered by Carl Saff

MP3 Sample of Where We've Been

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All Night Drug Prowling Wolves-Where We've Been from Stussey on Vimeo.


Atlanta's own All Night Prowling Wolves make it no secret that what you see is exactly what you get. An '80-s throw-back punk rock band, who like fast guitars, PBR and causing chaos. They even entitled themselves after a lyric in The Clash's "(White Man) in Hammersmith Palais."

It has been two years since ANDPW released their self-titled LP, and after a stint of shows, a stab at the CMJ Music Festival in NYC, and a few wild parties, Atlanta's pub-rockers are back with Make it Right, the perfect soundtrack to an all night run from the cops.

The album opens with "No Love is Lost" a punk ballad driven by front man Tom Cheshire howling "I know I'm innocent," setting the tone for the entire LP. "Drank Irish" bellows out with the same classic lyrics ANDPW are known for, "I saw this girl I wanted to kiss/There's nothing like a side of piss."

The album is loud, head-banging, and the best seedy bar music for your inner punk, all while using the most minimal chord progressions as possible. Many of the songs have Cheshire repeating the same chorus, making it easy for even the most intoxicated listener to follow along. They even pay a little homage to reggae with "Good Ambition" followed by closer, "With a Feeling," drenched in the same power chords that made every East Village Bowery band successful.

At the end of the day the best part about All Night Prowling Wolves is that they don't take themselves seriously. They know what they are, and they make it their mission to give you a good time. Line up the shot glasses, this is a band is not afraid of a hangover. - Eileen Tilson / Atlanta Music Guide


"Sometimes the best albums are those that give you exactly what you want and expect. Devoid of tricks or gimmicks, they just cut straight to the chase and deliver the goods. All Night Drug Prowling Wolves' ragged alcohol and punk-fueled Make It Right is a prime example of this. There's nothing on this record that you haven't heard before, but the band delivers their spirited after-hours rock and roll with such fervor and Tom Cheshire's whiskey-soaked vocals are just so damn purgative that you can't help but fall sway to the group's raucous, redemptive, life-affirming energy." - Latest Disgrace


"I can understand why All Night Drug Prowling Wolves have fostered a pretty solid following around Atlanta. Tom Cheshire's blue collar songs and beaten-down-but-fightin' delivery hold a built-in appeal for guys that are kinda lunkheads and smoke too much and overindulge on the hooch and probably work shit jobs and can't effectively express themselves unless it involves getting a new tattoo across the chest. In other words, a good percentage of the population of East Atlanta and Little Five Points. Their music is basic, catchy, punchy rock 'n' roll with anthemic, arm-around-your-brother melodies and choruses. Cheshire's anguished, growly vocals do their best to exorcise inner demons with the means given, like a poor soul gripping that final cocktail, raging on top of the bar at last call, testifying the extent of his pain to the new best friends he'd made that night. A little dose of this sort of thing can go a lot way, but some of it - "I Can't Wait," "Maybe Tomorrow" and "With a Feeling," for instance - is rousing and ultimately touching, making for some honest and invigorating American rock poetry." - Stomp & Stammer