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Big Boy Baller Club
2014 CD

Big Boy Baller Club
2014 Cassette

Keep On Dancin
2013 Digital

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2011 CD

Baby Baby

"What with Mike D busy getting photographed by the New York Times in his well-appointed Brooklyn town house, someone had to pick up the "Fight For Your Right (to Party)" mantle, or watch the whole enterprise given over to self-seriousness and poise. Enter Atlanta quintet Baby Baby, the perfect men for the job. Channeling the Beastie Boy's silly irreverence and party-rockin' spirit, Baby Baby blend pop/punk songwriting with a hip-hop swagger and an emphasis on the live experience, which is something akin to the party scene in a teen movie, only everyone there can drink, and the party's actually fun.

Baby Baby convened in the summer of 2009, when singer/guitarist Fontez Brooks and drummer Grant Wallace shook off the sleepiness of the suburbs and set out to bring a new element to the Atlanta scene. Packed with unfriendly, broody artists, hostile hardcore kids and the strip-club rap scene on the creepy fringes, The A simply needed some fun rock. And that's what Baby Baby - which has since expanded to include percussionist Colin Boddy, bassist Kyle Dobbs and Ryan Burruss on keys - delivers on their sophomore album, Big Boy Baller Club, the follow-up to 2011's Money, out April 1 on the Gospel of Rhythm Recordings.

Baby Baby is a big, inclusive tent. There's room under it for friends, foes, Nickleback fans, even haters; we all need someone to keep us in check, don't we? All they ask is that you come ready to dance and make some new friends on the floor. They'll take care of the rest."

"Bad Brains and Kings Of Leon had a baby that was styled by In Living Colour and was raised by Lamar of Revenge Of The Nerds" - Clark Westfield (The Gay Blades)

"Catchy, fun, and totally chaotic ...canned optimism of the Andrew WK variety." -

"Whether it's Fontez gargling his vocals like an inebriated Louis Armstrong then switching gears, and delving into a soulful, yet eccentric, singing style that brings to mind fellow Georgian Andre 3000, or Grant hammering the skins like he is stirring up a war dance while Kyle's fleet fingers work his six-string bass with precision... it is obvious that these boys are having a blast. - Performer