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Better Left There
2010 CD

Authors Apology

The authors apology formed in 1997 in atlanta (be honest it was actually snellville) georgia as simply a way to keep track of the songs that keith bailey began write and record. he was constantly absorbed in the music that was around him: everything from his parents old vinyl he grew up with, to various influences his fellow music enthusiast and cousin jef siler would introduce to him.

As they stumbled together recreating history through singers and songwriters they had missed out on in the 60's and 70's, as well as making frequent stops to the lcoal record shops for new stuff, they created a band called CLEMENTE ( which would lay much of the foundation of keiths musical endeavors.

As time passed, keith created the authors apology as a meager attempt at creating his own songs on borrowed four-tracks and documenting periods of time and notebooks of real and imaginary characters that began to consume most of his life. after years of writing, going through line-up changes with clemente, fellow band-mate jef relocating to california and australia, as well as a marriage to his wife linda, the authors apology grew from a stack of off-time demo tapes and learning-curve melodies to something he could really stand behind.

With friends casey yarbrough, luciano giarrano, harry baxley, and robert heublein joining him to steady the heartbeat and nurture a growth in sound through percussion and instrumentation the authors apology has begun a new path for anyone who's a sucker for b-sides and cheap dates. sorry for all the things they haven't done.